Hi, I’m Milan and I design mobile apps & websites. Currently working as Product Lead at Flatio.com

My work

I focus on designing and prototyping with tools like Sketch, Framer, Invision and Principle.

More projects

Mobile app, website
Mobile app
Mobile app
Mobile app
Mobile app
Mobile app
Mobile app

Recent stuff

I improve my design process with code, data and a bit of a good copy

After graduating a tech university in Brno, I co-founded a design & development studio called Reinto. Four exciting years later it was time to move on. That’s where Flatio came in.

Strongly influenced by punk rock and straight-edge scene. Football fan and amateur player. Nature lover who likes to travel.


I am always open to new adventures. Want to create something great together? Or just say hello? Feel free to ask me anything.

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